Friday, 22 June 2018

Dojo Champions - 22nd June

Look at ur school Friday 22nd    june               from lewis 3s         
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volcanoes homeworks

❤️ Beautiful children ❤️
volcanoes are a life worthy thing it could destroy and these incredible children made one for there homework xxx

recorder concert

I and the class of 3F did a recorder concert there was as amazing as ever, great job u guys xx

snow and play

hello this is harvey


snow snow snow we all had and great day

year 4 and 3 in the snow at play time

we all had fun this day thanks to miss fenton we got to play in the snow at play time instead  of staying in we all had fun thank you best day ever

Macie's amazing work!

This is me macie and Miss Fenton! 


3F wonnnn the trophi and certificate

3F has won the certificate and the trophi yayyyyyy
we are all so pleased with it 
by mysty w in 4

phenomenal recorders

super recorders at the city hall !!  thursday 21 june 2018. from lewis.3s


Friday, 8 June 2018

Dojo Champions - 8th June

Super swimmers - Week 1

Mrs Dulson has been super impressed with the progress these two have made in their swimming lessons this week. Massive well done, and as Dory would say.. "Just keep swimming!" :-)

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Phase 3 visit The Deep...

Today Phase 3 had an exciting visit to The Deep to kick start our new topic of 'Under the Sea'.